Personal Development

Assertiveness And Self-Confidence

Gaining self-confidence and assertiveness is a crucial component to a successful life. This course will provide participants with skills and techniques to communicate confidently and directly without ...

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Planning & Organizing Skills

Planning and organizing are two of the key functions performed by any manager or supervisor. By improving these skills participants will improve productivity and feel more in control and satisfied in ...

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships. It’s a pivotal factor in personal and professional success.

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Problem Solving & Decision Making

In just about any industry or any role, we are almost constantly involved in solving problem. It is what makes humanity progress forward by constantly searching for better solutions to common problems...

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Effective Communication Skills

Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to talk with some people and so easy to talk with others? Can you recall an occasion where you met someone for the first time and immediately liked tha...

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Effective Time Management

Time is a valuable resource for any professionals. Inefficient use of time means wasted money and missed business opportunities. This course will teach working professionals how to effectively and ef...

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Managing Your Stress

In today’s world, we experience a lot of demand for our time, inputs and contributions to the organisation we work for and the society at large. Such demands are increasing as world is getting more co...

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Body Language Basics

Body Language Basics will provide you with a great set of skills to understand that what is not said is just as important than what is said. It will also give you the ability to see and understand how...

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Interpersonal Skills

People are the primary resource of any organisation or team. It is people who plan, organise, make decisions, and conduct business. We use interpersonal skills all the time and have been developing t...

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Participants will consider and define the influence that they can have on their life and work. They will also learn skills for success and how to create those circumstances.

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