Advantages of Studying in Dubai

SMART provides professional career counseling that aids you to have an informed decision on where to go and which path to follow to pursue your future education.


Expense of a student is very less as compared to Europe or other Asian countries as well as you gain a recognized certificate and quality of education with great experience of multi-culture.


A student can manage through sharing accommodation (. The rental range may depend upon the location and number of people sharing the accommodation. Most of the Universities in UAE are providing accommodation for students, through college accommodation students might get transportation, internet, and other facilities than a private accommodation.

Shopping & Food

Dubai is a shopping city the expense depends on your style of living – your taste in shopping, food, and entertainments. You can bargain with most of the street vendors, the discount fares come with less rate and good shopping experience.


A minimum charge of AED 2/- for public transport to travel anywhere in Dubai. Taxis charge you a fixed pickup rate and kilometer charge.

Streamlined UAE Education Logistics

SMART liaises with top quality educational institutes, Colleges & Universities in UAE & handle all your logistics including:
  • Applications
  • Admission
  • Visa
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation

Admission Requirements for Universities in the UAE

The requirements differ in each University in UAE to get admission. Below are some common requirements:

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