Women Leadership: Women’s Leadership Development


  • Understand a brief history and evolution of women and leadership
  • Recognize barriers to women’s leadership and how to handle them
  • Learn how to use barriers to create benefits
  • Define Social and Emotional Intelligence and understand its importance in workplace leadership
  • Understand the importance of Self-Awareness in identifying and owning your own strengths and skills.
  • Develop a basic vision and brand for your leadership
  • Understand the essential Leadership Skills for women
  • Examine steps and skills to good Decision-Making
  • Create your own Workplace Philosophy Statement and Action Plan



“A woman leading is not just a woman in a position of authority, she’s a woman with a vision and a purpose.”

Are you ready to take your Leadership Skills to the next level? Our Women Leadership program is designed to empower and inspire women to reach their full potential as leaders. This comprehensive program covers a wide range of topics, including self-awareness, communication, decision-making, emotional intelligence, and more. With our expert instructors, you’ll learn how to navigate the unique challenges faced by women in leadership roles and gain the tools and strategies you need to succeed.

You’ll also have the opportunity to network with other like-minded women. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re looking to take the next step, our Women Leadership program is the perfect way to invest in yourself and your future. Enroll today and unleash your leadership potential.

Our training course is designed to be interactive and engaging, with hands-on exercises and group discussions that allow you to apply what you’ve learned in real-world scenarios.

Introduction to Women Leadership

  • Women and the Workforce
  • Learning from our History
  • Leadership Examined
  • Definition of Leadership and its Importance

Barriers and Benefits to Women’s Leadership

  • Barriers vs. Benefits
  • Improving Self-Management Through Reflection

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience:

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence and its Impact on Leadership
  • Learning How to Manage Stress and Build Resilience
  • Developing Empathy and Understanding the Emotions Of Others
  • Building a Positive Mindset and Mental Toughness

Self-Awareness and Confidence Building

  • Understanding Self-Awareness
  • Exploration of Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Building Self-Confidence and Assertiveness

Communication and Collaboration

  • Developing Effective Communication Skills
  • Understanding the Importance of Active Listening
  • Building Strong Relationships With Team Members
  • Managing Conflicts and Negotiations

Developing Leadership Awareness and Brand

  • Personal Inventory
  • Creating and Selling Your Brand
  • Making Connections
  • Selling and Screening your Brand and Ideas

Leadership Skills

  • Identifying Relationship Skills
  • Identifying Leadership Skills
  • Identifying Personal Leadership Style
  • Understanding Different Leadership Styles
  • Learning to Adapt to Different Situations and Audiences
  • Developing Situational Leadership Skills

Making Good Decisions

  • Ingredients of a Good Decision
  • Understanding the Decision-Making Process
  • Good Decision – Poor Decision
  • Decision Wheel Method
  • Learning How to Approach and Solve Problems Effectively

Creating Your Workplace Philosophy

  • Philosophy Statement

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