Telemarketing – Using The Telephone As A Sales Tool


  • Build trust and respect with customers and colleagues.
  • Warm up your sales approach to improve success with cold calling.
  • Identify ways to make a positive impression.
  • Identify negotiation strategies that will make you a stronger seller.
  • Create a script to maximize your efficiency on the phone.
  • Learn what to say and what to ask to create interest, handle objections, and close the sale.



“Telemarketing is not about pushing products, it’s about understanding needs and providing solutions.”

Telemarketing is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson contacts potential customers by telephone in order to solicit sales or gather information. This can include outbound calls, where a salesperson initiates the call, and inbound calls, where a customer calls a business in response to an advertisement or other form of promotion.

Virtually everybody in sales today sells over the phone at least part of the time. Perhaps it is time for you to evaluate how you use the telephone and where it fits into your sales and marketing mix.

The goal of Telemarketing training is to equip salespeople with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively communicate with potential customers and close sales over the phone.

This workshop will show you how the telephone can supplement, enhance, and sometimes replace other means of marketing and selling, and how this personal approach can dramatically increase your sales success. We will also talk about how to hone your communication skills, your ability to persuade, and techniques to personalize each sales call.

Introduction to Telemarketing

  • Overview of the Telemarketing Process
  • History and Current Trends in Telemarketing
  • Best Practices in Telemarketing

Verbal Communication

  • The Components of a Good Sales Voice
  • Being Yourself and Sounding Your Best
  • What Customers Hear
  • A Service Image

To Serve and Delight

  • What You Say and What it Means
  • Planning the Ideal Answer
  • Choosing Positive Language

Exceptional Things about Selling by Phone

  • A Different Spin On Selling By Phone
  • Maintaining a Positive Outlook
  • Building Rapport
  • Remembering Names

Building Trust

  • Ways to Build Trust and Respect

It’s More Than Just a Phase

  • Phases of Negotiation
  • Types of Negotiation

Communication Essentials

  • Active Listening Skills
  • Ten Ingredients for Good Communication
  • Asking Good Questions
    • Questioning techniques

Developing Your Script

  • The Basic Script
  • Sample Script
  • Making the Script Yours

Pre-Call Planning

  • The Important Steps in Call Planning

Phone Tag and Call Backs

  • Ways to Make the Most of Voice Mail

Following Up

  • Ways to Avoid Missed Opportunities
  • Tracking Calls and Following Up

Closing the Sale

  • Ask for and Close the Sale

Role-playing and Practice

  • Role-playing Exercises
    • Role-playing Customer Interactions
    • Practicing Call Structure
  • Mock Calls

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