MS Office Publisher (Online Session (Zoom))

With this training you will learn valuable skills to get the most out of Microsoft Publisher.
Publisher is Microsoft’s desktop publishing programme that is designed to give individuals and small to medium-sized businesses the ability to quickly and easily create publications for both print and the web.
This course is intended to help all novice computer users get up to speed with Publisher quickly. We will cover different features of the interface, show users how to create a publication, cover some basic publication tasks, discuss how to manage graphics in Publisher, and show how to prepare a publication for printing and electronic sharing.
At the conclusion of this course, you will know about different features of the interface, how to create publications and about various publication tasks. You will also learn how to manage graphics and prepare a publication for printing and sharing and basic publication, adding content to a publication, formatting text, editing text, adding and formatting graphics, and preparing a publication for printing and/or sharing.


Module 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Publisher

 TOPIC A: Explore the Interface

  •  Microsoft Publisher 2016 Overview
  •  The Microsoft Publisher Interface
  •  The Ribbon Interface
  •  The Customize Status Bar Menu
  •  The Backstage View
  •  The Pages Pane
  •  The Quick Access Toolbar
  •  Keyboard Shortcuts
  •  The Help Window

TOPIC B: Customize the Publisher Interface

  •  Publisher Options
  •  The Customize Ribbon Category
  •  The Quick Access Toolbar Category
  •  Business Information Data

TOPIC C: Create a Publication

  •  Publisher Templates
  •  File Types
  •  Summary
  •  Review Questions

Module 2: Adding Content to a Publication

 TOPIC A: Add Text to a Publication

  •  Text Boxes
  •  Ruler Guides
  •  Margin Guides
  •  Text Importing

 TOPIC B: Organize Text Boxes and Picture Placeholders in a Layout

  •  Picture Placeholders
  •  The Format Text Box Dialog Box
  •  Dynamic Guides

TOPIC C: Control the Display of Content in Text Boxes

  •  Text Box Linking
  •  Text Box Columns
  •  Master Pages
  •  Headers and Footers

 TOPIC D: Use Building Blocks

  •  Building Blocks
  •  The Building Block Library
  •  Summary
  •  Review Questions

 Module 3: Formatting Text in a Publication

 TOPIC A: Format Text and Paragraphs

  •  Text Formatting
  •  Typography
  •  The Mini Toolbar
  •  The Format Painter

TOPIC B: Apply Paragraph Styles

  •  Paragraph Formatting
  •  Indent Markers
  •  Paragraph Flow Options
  •  Paragraph Styles

TOPIC C: Apply Schemes

  •  Schemes
  •  Font Schemes
  •  Color Schemes
  •  Summary
  •  Review Questions

Module 4: Editing Text in a Publication

 TOPIC A: Edit Text in a Publication

  •  Cut, Copy, and Paste Commands
  •  Paste Options
  •  Text Review

 TOPIC B: Present Content in Tables

  •  Tables
  •  Create Table Options
  •  The Table Tools Contextual Tabs

TOPIC C: Insert Symbols and Special Characters

  •  Symbols
  •  Special Characters
  •  Summary
  •  Review Questions

 Module 5: Adding and Formatting Graphics in a Publication

 TOPIC A: Add Graphical Objects to a Publication

  •  WordArt
  •  Online Images
  •  Local Images
  •  Graphic and Image File Formats
  •  Shapes
  •  The Graphics Manager

 TOPIC B: Manipulate the Appearance of Pictures

  •  The Picture Tools – Format Contextual Tab
  •  Picture Styles
  •  Different Uses of Picture Styles
  •  Summary
  •  Review Questions

Module 6: Preparing a Publication for Printing and Sharing

 TOPIC A: Save a Publication

  •  Publisher File Formats
  •  PDF and XPS Output
  •  Web Output (HTML)
  •  Pack and Go

TOPIC B: Run the Design Checker

  •  The Design Checker Task Pane

 TOPIC C: Preview and Print a Publication

  •  Print Category of Backstage View
  •  Print Settings
  •  The Print Preview Pane

TOPIC D: Share a Publication

  •  Share with E-Mail
  •  The E-Mail Preview Feature
  •  OneDrive
  •  OneDrive Publication Sharing
  •  Summary
  •  Review Questions
  •  Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet

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