MS Office 365 (Online Session (Zoom))

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity tool, which incorporates online services with online apps, desktop apps and other Microsoft tools.
This course is intended to introduce participants to Microsoft 365 and get started with basic tasks.
They will become familiar with the apps and services included in a business subscription, file storage with OneDrive, and how to manage users, domains, and security.
By the end of this course, Participants should be comfortable with logging into and out of their accounts, and modifying basic account settings. They will become familiar with the apps and services available in their subscription and how to communicate with others using OneDrive, as well as perform administrative tasks (such as managing users and groups within Microsoft 365), manage domains, and use the Security and Compliance Center.


 Module 1: Getting Started

 TOPIC A: About Microsoft 365

  •  What is Microsoft 365?
  •  What is Included in Microsoft 365?
  •  What are the Requirements to Use Microsoft 365?
  •  Frequently Asked Questions

 TOPIC B: Navigating Your Account

  •  Log into Microsoft 365
  •  Navigate the Office Landing Page
  •  Update your Profile
  •  Log Out of Microsoft 365
  •  Activity 1-2: Navigating Your Account

 TOPIC C: Finding Help and Changing Settings

  •  Search for Help
  •  View Settings
  •  Change Your Password
  •  Change Your Language
  •  Activity 1-3: Finding Help and Changing Account Settings

 TOPIC D: Using Desktop Office Apps

  •  Download and Install Office Apps
  •  Opening the Office Desktop App
  •  Signing into Microsoft 365 from Office Apps
  •  Activity 1-4: Download and Install Office
  •  Summary
  •  Review Questions

 Module 2: Your Subscription Package

 TOPIC A: Included Apps

  •  Word
  •  Excel
  •  PowerPoint
  •  Outlook
  •  Access
  •  Publisher
  •  OneNote
  •  Activity 2-1: Exploring Microsoft Apps

 TOPIC B: Included Services

  •  Microsoft Teams
  •  OneDrive
  •  SharePoint
  •  Exchange
  •  Activity 2-2: Exploring Microsoft Services
  •  Summary
  •  Review Questions

 Module 3: File Storage and Collaboration

 TOPIC A: Getting Started with OneDrive for Business

  •  What is OneDrive for Business?
  •  Add Files to OneDrive
  •  Create Files
  •  Organize Files
  •  Delete Files
  •  Activity 3-1: Getting Started with OneDrive for Business

 TOPIC B: Collaborating Using OneDrive for Business

  •  Use the Discover Feature
  •  Share Files
  •  Configure OneDrive for Business Sync
  •  Sync One Drive for Business to Your Computer
  •  Back Up Files
  •  Protect Files
  •  Activity 3-2: Collaborating Using OneDrive for Business

TOPIC C: Using Delve

  •  What is Delve?
  •  Search Using Delve
  •  Add Results to Favorites
  •  Share with Delve
  •  Use Boards
  •  Activity 3-3: Using Delve
  •  Summary
  •  Review Questions

 Module 4: Managing Users

 TOPIC A: Getting Started as an Administrator

  •  What is an Administrator?
  •  Navigate the Admin Center
  •  Use the Message Center
  •  Use the Service Health Center
  •  Activity 4-1: Getting Started as an Administrator

 TOPIC B: Managing Users

  •  Add a User
  •  Edit a User
  •  Reset a User Password
  •  Delete a User
  •  Add Contacts
  •  Activity 4-2: Managing Users

 TOPIC C: Managing Groups

  •  Add a Group
  •  Edit a Group
  •  Delete a Group
  •  Create Shared Mailboxes
  •  Activity 4-3: Managing Groups

 TOPIC D: Managing Resources

  •  Add Rooms or Equipment
  •  View Sites
  •  Change Site Sharing Settings
  •  Add Sites
  •  Activity 4-4: Managing Resources
  •  Summary
  •  Review Questions

 Module 5: Managing Security

 TOPIC A: Managing Domains

  •  What is a Domain?
  •  View Current Domains
  •  Add a Domain
  •  Add a Domain to Email Accounts
  •  Activity 5-1: Managing Domains

TOPIC B: Security and Compliance

  •  Navigate the Security & Compliance Center
  •  Create Alerts
  •  Manage Alerts
  •  Manage User Permissions for the Security & Compliance Center
  •  Manage Data Loss Prevention Policies
  •  Activity 5-2: Managing Security and Compliance
  •  Summary
  •  Review Questions
  •  Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet

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