Mastering Technical Business Writing Skills: Tech Talk



  • Understand what distinguishes Technical Writing tasks from those required in other professions
  • Organize information in a logical sequence
  • Build a logical structure into any technical document
  • Make conclusions clear and memorable
  • Communicate complex information without dumbing down
  • Using an appropriate level of language and without getting bogged down in the detail
  • Make sentences clear and easy to follow, no matter how complex the subject matter
  • Present data effectively, including how best to use graphs, tables, charts and graphics



“The goal of effective technical writing is not to impress, but to clearly and concisely convey information to the intended audience.”

No matter how brilliant an idea is, if it’s not conveyed clearly, its value is never realized.

Technical Business Writing Skills are essential for professionals who need to communicate complex information in a clear, concise, and effective manner. This type of writing requires a deep understanding of the subject matter, as well as the ability to communicate technical information to a non-technical audience.

Attending training on Technical Business Writing Skills is crucial for anyone who needs to write technical documents. These training sessions can provide participants with the tools and techniques needed to produce high-quality technical documents that are clear, concise, and effective.

Our Technical Writing training is designed for Engineers, Technical and Professionals who must produce technical documents as part of their work.

Introduction to Technical Writing

  • What is Technical Writing?
  • What is the Purpose of Technical Writing?
  • The Importance of Technical Writing
  • Who are the Readers?
  • Types of Technical Writing:
    • Formatted Technical Writing
    • Free Format Technical Writing
  • The Differences Between Regular and Technical Writing

Technical Writing Structure

  • Heading
  • Introduction
  • Main Subject
  • Summary And Conclusion
  • Closure
  • Signature & Stamp

The Steps of the Process of Technical Writing

  • Purpose of Writing
  • Planning for Technical Writing
  • Collecting Data
  • Analyzing Data
  • Concluding/ Write Up
  • Proofreading and Reviewing
  • Submitting

Characteristics of Effective Technical Writing

  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Conciseness
  • Accuracy
  • Organization
  • Abstract

Technical Writing Presentation Skills

  • Vocabulary
  • Jargons
  • Chronological Order
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Graphics



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