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Effective Proposal Writing Skills: Write To Win And Step Up Your Proposal Game



  • Understand the purpose and components of a proposal.
  • The most common types of proposals.
  • Analyze the needs of the target audience.
  • Develop clear and concise writing skills.
  • Manage the proposal process.
  • Evaluate proposals for effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and revise proposals accordingly.
  • Deliver effective proposals that meet requirements and follow ethical guidelines.



“The art of proposal writing is the art of persuasion – you need to convince your audience that your solution is the best.”

A good proposal doesn’t just outline what product or service you would like to create or deliver. It does so in such a way that the reader feels it is the only logical choice.

The Effective Proposal Writing Skills workshop will take participants through each step of the proposal writing process, from understanding why they are writing a proposal; to gathering information; to writing and proofreading; through to creating the final, professional product.

Understanding Proposals

  • What is a Proposal?
  • The Proposal Writing Process
  • Types of Proposals
  • About Requests for Proposals

Beginning the Proposal Writing Process

  • Identifying Your Purpose and Your Audience
  • Performing a Needs Analysis
  • Writing the Goal Statement

Preparing an Outline

  • A General Format
  • Special Sections
  • Creating a Framework
  • Getting Down to Details

Finding Facts

  • Identifying Resources
  • Using the Internet as a Resource
  • Organizing Your Information

Writing Skills (I)

  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Working with Words
  • Constructing Sentences
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Mastering Voice

Writing Skills (II)

  • Creating Paragraphs
  • Creating Strong Transitions
  • Building to Conclusions

Writing the Proposal

  • Educating the Evaluator
  • Ghosting the Competition
  • Using Illustrations

Checking for Readability

  • Checking for Clarity
  • Reading for Your Audience
  • Using the Readability Index

Proofreading and Editing

  • Proofreading Like a Pro
  • Editing Techniques
  • Checking the Facts
  • The Power of Peer Review

Adding the Final Touches

  • Our Top Typesetting Tips
  • Achieving a Professional Look and Feel
  • Creating the Final Package

Practical Activity

  • Participants Will Present their Proposals and Receive Feedback From Peers or the Instructor on How to Improve Them.



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