Conquering Your Fear Of Speaking In Public


  • Speak with more confidence in one-on-one conversations
  • Feel more confident speaking socially or small groups such as meetings
  • Practice developing these skills in a safe and supportive setting



“Our training course will equip you with the skills and strategies you need to conquer your fear of Public Speaking.”

Do you get nervous when presenting at company meetings? Do you find it hard to make conversation at gatherings and social events? Do you lock up in awkward social situations? If so, this workshop is just for you!

Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public course will help individuals to overcome their fear of public speaking and become confident, effective communicators. The course includes various techniques, strategies, and exercises to help participants develop the skills they need to speak in front of an audience with ease. The goal of the course is to empower individuals to take control of their fear and become Effective Public Speakers who can captivate audiences and achieve their professional and personal goals.

It’s aimed at anybody who wants to improve their Speaking Skills in informal situations. We’ll give you the confidence and the skills to interact with others, to speak in informal situations, and to present in front of small groups.

Good Communication Skills

  • Defining Communication
  • Missed Communication Opportunities
  • Barriers to Communication and Possible Solutions

Interpersonal Skills

  • Two Key Interpersonal Skills:
    • Listening
    • Asking Questions

Getting Comfortable in Conversation

  • Four Levels of Conversation
    • Level One: Small Talk
    • Level Two: Fact Disclosure
    • Level Three: Viewpoints and Opinions
    • Level Four: Personal Feelings

Practicing Dialogue

  • Practical Exercise

Re-Designing Yourself for Strength

  • The Seven Components of a Good Speaker:
    • Tone
    • Pitch
    • Pacing
    • Emphasis
    • Facial Expressions
    • Posture
    • Body Language


  • Presenting a Professional Image:
    • Looking Professional
    • Speaking Professionally

Maximizing Meetings

  • Four Areas of Opportunity
  • Fifteen Ways to Master a Meeting

Sticky Situations

  • Identify Difficult Situations
  • Brainstorm Solutions

Controlling Nervousness

  • Ways to Control Physical and Mental Nervousness
    • Controlling Physical Nervousness
    • Capitalizing on the Law of Attraction

Tell Me a Story

  • Practical Activity:
  • A Small and Impromptu Presentation

Course Price: