Advanced Leadership Skills For High-Impact Leaders


This course covers a variety of topics on leadership and communication skills. It is ideal for those who have had some experience in managing or supervising people and want to improve their skills further. The course follows from Leadership Skills and it is assumed that delegates are already familiar with the concepts discussed in that course.

By the end of this programme, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand team’s aspirations and set goals in a way to get them more committed and motivated to achieve these goals
  • Systematically plan using the 5-steps planning technique to improve brainstorming and problem solving meetings
  • Improve communication skills to provide better feedback, reduce misunderstandings and help people grow and become more productive
  • Overcome fears and discomfort in forgiving people and learn how to forgive using a proven step-by-step technique
  • Delegate at the right level to the right people while formulating request in a way that motivates people and get the most from them


Since delegates already have some experience in management, this course is designed to address various practical issues that managers encounter every day and provides strategies on handling them. It is packed with exercises, examples and case studies so delegates are constantly pushed to think and re-examine their own attitudes when dealing with people. They learn numerous techniques that will help them improve their interactions and to build trust. A great part of a leader’s role is motivating his team and people around him. This is strongly reflected in various techniques used throughout the course as delegates come across this concept over and over again.

  • Managing Your Team’s Aspirations
  • How To Set Effective Goals For Your Team
  • How To Prepare For Brainstorming Sessions
  • How To Help Your Team To Generate Ideas So You Can Benefit From Everyone’s Inputs
  • Systematic Planning
  • What Is The 5-Steps Planning Technique And How Can It Be Used For Problem Solving, Brainstorming And General Planning?
  • How Can You Use Business Planning Guidelines To Improve Your Leadership?
  • Managing People
  • How Can You Improve Your Communication Skills With Your Team By Putting Yourself In Their Position?
  • What Strategies Help You Gather More Information About Difficult Cases, Before Expressing Your Dissatisfaction Or Saying Something That You Could Regret Afterwards?
  • Forgiving People
  • What Are The Benefits Of Forgiving People?
  • How To Use Forgiveness To Empower Your Team
  • What Stops You From Forgiving Others?
  • What Are Wrong Attitudes Toward Forgiveness And How Can You Change Them?
  • How To Use The 6-Steps Forgiveness Sequence When Forgiving People?
  • Delegation Skills
  • What Are Various Levels Of Delegation And What Can You Delegate In Each Level?
  • How To Select A Delegation Level Based On How Much Control You Want To Retain And How Much Time You Want To Save
  • What Strategies Help You Formulate Your Request When Delegating A Task To Motivate The Person?
  • What Strategies Help You Minimise Disruption To Other Team Members So You Can Manage Your Team Effectively As A Whole?


  • Group Discussions
  • Group & Individual Exercises
  • Presentations
  • Role Plays
  • Self-Assessments
  • Action Plan

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