Writing For Administrative Professionals And Officials


Confidential Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Senior Administrative Officers, all officers who have to produce reports, proposals and other written communications, Business development managers and others involved in pitching for new business and growing existing clients Those involved in business-to-business, corporate or internal communications, Researchers, managers or experts who provide written communications in technical or jargon-filled professions, Financial, operations and other managers who report to senior management board.


During this programme, participants will hone their skills and be able to contribute to the development of their organization.  We expect them to display a greater level of proficiency   when engaged in formal tasks like writing of reports, memos, letters, briefs, proposals as well as drafting e-mails. Specific objectives are to:

  • Write clear and concise documents to accomplish organizational objectives
  • Develop writing skills to convey a credible message
  • Compose concise messages using a structured writing process
  • Adapt your writing to your audience's needs
  • Fine-tune language to improve persuasiveness and impact
  • Enhance email communication by creating clear messages
  • Compose targeted messages using a structured official writing process
  • Master new techniques which can be easily adapted for all types of written communications
  • Write an effective Executive Summary to communicate key issues in official documents
  • Understand different types of report writing
  • Understand what jargons are and their effects on individual report writing
  • Understand the role of concord in report writing
  • Appreciate and understand how referencing and literature reviewing can be correctly done in professional writing

Hands-On Experience Includes:

  • Identifying your audience
  • Drafting for clarity and revising for conciseness
  • Constructing successful email communication
  • Creating a Prioritization Matrix
  • Writing an effective Executive Summary
  • Producing a report using an end-to-end writing process



  • Why Good Business Writing Matters
  • Key benefits for the business
  • Increasing your business effectiveness
  • Identifying key communication problems
  • Supporting Business Objectives

The benefits to the writer

  • Enhancing your professional image
  • Improving career choice
  • The business writing process
  • Breaking writing down into a clear process
  • Scheduling tasks for completion
  • Writing Reports that Address Business Problems

Recognizing the business impact

  • Defining the criteria for a quality business document
  • Identifying the business impact of the problem
  • Demonstrating the value of confronting the situation
  • Recommending solutions
  • Conducting effective research
  • Applying decision-making criteria
  • Tying your recommendation to the organization's mission


  • The Nature of Writing
  • Reporting Past Activities/Events: Narative.
  • Writing Exposition.
  • Communicating Writing
  • Strategies for Good Expository Writing
  • Types of written communication
  • The Process-Product Approach to Communicative Writing.
  • Report Writing and Presentation
  • The Nature and Types of Technical Reports
  • Planning writing and presentation of reports
  • Writing for the Mass Media
  • Writing Minutes of Meeting
  • Business and Organization-Communication
  • Management Reports and Proposal
  • Types of Reports
  • Element, Objectives and Characteristics of Report  Writing
  • Recognizing Readers’ needs and Expectation
  • Selecting and appropriate style and tones for report and proposal
  • Choosing    words and constructing sentences & paragraphs precisely and sensitively
  • Writing for Real
  • Writing a short report in an hour
  • Applying the three step approach to beating writer's block
  • Tutor help and feedback throughout
  • Advanced Techniques for Error-Free Writing
  • The final "read-through"
  • The key to picking up every mistake
  • A few pointers that most writers miss
  • Practical exercise: reviewing and proofreading own and colleagues' reports, giving and receiving feedback
  • Designing the Presentation of your Information for Maximum Effect
  • The dos and don'ts of charts and graphs
  • Using them to enhance your reports and proposals
  • Using layout, headings and white space


  • Technical writer's tools
  • Structuring information with tables and lists
  • Selecting the right words
  • Writing in the right style
  • Official
  • Primer
  • Nominal
  • Telegraphic
  • Studies on the most effective style
  • Maintaining document structure
  • Transitions that work
  • Applying useful headings to support skimming
  • Methods of explanation
  • Available writing styles
  • General to specific
  • Effect and cause
  • Problems-methods-results
  • Writing as a signaling system
  • Information Technology Application In  Writing
  • Saying What You Mean in Email
  • Writing clearly
  • Prioritizing your subject
  • Optimizing word choice
  • Differentiating between active vs. passive voice
  • Eliminating pronouns and modifiers
  • Writing concisely
  • Choosing a style appropriate for audience and context
  • Revising to heighten impact
  • A professional approach to email
  • Respecting readers' time, interest and ability to focus
  • Extinguishing flame wars
  • Crafting relevant subject lines


  • Group Discussions
  • Group & Individual Exercises
  • Presentations
  • Self-Assessments
  • Variety Of Games
  • Action Plan


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