Future Foresight Skills


  • Improved anticipation and preparation for the future: By understanding the principles and processes of future foresight, participants will be better equipped to anticipate and prepare for potential future developments that may impact the organization.
  • Greater agility: Future foresight skills enable organizations to be more responsive to changing circumstances and to adapt more quickly to new opportunities and challenges.
  • Enhanced problem-solving: By learning how to identify and analyze trends and indicators, participants will be better able to anticipate and address challenges and obstacles.
  • Improved communication and collaboration: A course on future foresight skills can help participants develop the skills and knowledge needed to effectively communicate and collaborate with others in the organization to develop and implement strategies for the future.
  • Increased confidence and credibility: By mastering future foresight skills, participants will be able to demonstrate their value to the organization and take on more strategic leadership roles.



Future Foresight Skills are essential for leaders and managers who want to anticipate and prepare for the future, driving organizational success and staying ahead of the curve in an increasingly uncertain and rapidly-changing business environment. A course on Future Foresight Skills can help participants to understand the principles and processes of future foresight, identify and analyze trends and indicators that may impact the organization in the future, develop and evaluate alternative scenarios for the future, and select and implement strategies for preparing for and responding to potential future developments.

During the course, participants will have the opportunity to apply the concepts learned through interactive exercises and group work, allowing them to practice and refine their skills in a safe and supportive environment. The course may also cover techniques for communicating and justifying the foresight process and outcomes effectively to stakeholders, building consensus and commitment to the foresight process and outcomes, and developing a plan for continuing to improve and evolve future foresight skills over time.

Introduction to Future Foresight

  • Definition and principles of future foresight
  • The importance of anticipating and preparing for the future
  • The role of leadership in the future foresight process

Identifying and Analyzing Trends and Indicators

  • Techniques for identifying and analyzing trends and indicators that may impact the organization in the future
  • Assessing the potential impact of these trends and indicators on the organization

Developing and Evaluating Alternative Scenarios

  • Techniques for developing and evaluating alternative scenarios for the future
  • Identifying and evaluating potential risks and challenges to implementing strategies for the future
  • Developing contingency plans

Selecting and Implementing Strategies for the Future

  • Criteria for selecting the most appropriate strategies for the organization
  • Techniques for managing the implementation of strategies for the future
  • Making adjustments as needed

Communicating and Justifying the Future Foresight Process and Outcomes

  • Techniques for communicating and justifying the future foresight process and outcomes effectively to stakeholders
  • Building consensus and commitment to the strategies for the future

Case Studies and Group Exercises

  • Opportunity for participants to apply the concepts learned in the course through the analysis of real-world cases and interactive group exercises

Conclusion and Next Steps

  • Recap of key takeaways from the course
  • Identifying opportunities for applying the skills learned in the workplace
  • Next steps for continuing development in future foresight skills



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