MS Office Word (Online Session (Zoom))

Help the participants to unleash the potential that is locked within Microsoft Office Word. Potential that should be exploited by you so that you can make the most of all the high-level features in this software. SMART LMS’s Word Expert course will help you do just that. Over the duration of 12 modules you will be guide through the ins and outs of topics such as how to create a bibliography and references to other documents, how to create XML forms, how to configure reviewer settings, how to work with sections and Building Blocks and Quick Parts, how to do more with styles and how to work with SmartArt.


Module 1: Creating a Bibliography

  • Inserting Citations
  • Managing Sources
  • Choosing a Style
  • Inserting a Bibliography
  • Updating a Bibliography
  • Review Questions

Module 2: Creating References to Other Documents

  • Linking to Another Document
  • Creating and Working with a Master Document
  • Creating and Working with Subdocuments
  • Managing Subdocuments
  • Review Questions

Module 3: Creating XML Forms

  • Creating a Form
  • Inserting Controls
  • Modifying Control Properties
  • Grouping Controls
  • Protecting a Form
  • Distributing a Form
  • Review Questions

Module 4: Blogging with Word

  • Creating a Blog Post
  • Using Blogging Tools
  • Configuring a Blog Account
  • Publishing a Blog Post
  • Review Questions

Module 5: Embedding Objects in a Word Document

  • Adding Text from a File
  • Creating a New Object
  • Creating an Object from a File
  • Linking Objects to a Word Document
  • Review Questions

Module 6: Working with Sections

  • Inserting Section Breaks
  • Customizing Page Setup for Each Section
  • Navigating Through Sections
  • Deleting Sections
  • Review Questions

Module 7: Using Building Blocks and Quick Parts

  • Inserting Quick Parts
  • Using the Building Blocks Organizer
  • Saving Quick Parts
  • Review Questions

Module 8: Changing Your Styles

  • Changing Your Style Set
  • Changing Your Color Scheme
  • Changing Your Font Scheme
  • Making Changes Permanent
  • Review Questions

Module 9: Doing More with Styles

  • Creating Styles from Existing Text
  • Creating Styles Using the Task Pane
  • Modifying the Quick Style Gallery
  • Using the Style Inspector
  • Managing Styles
  • Review Questions

Module 10: Working with SmartArt

  • Adding SmartArt
  • Adding Text
  • Adding Photos
  • Moving and Resizing SmartArt
  • Deleting SmartArt
  • Review Questions

Module 11: Working with Equations

  • Inserting Built-In Equations
  • Modifying Equations
  • Creating a Custom Equation
  • Saving an Equation to the Gallery
  • Review Questions

Module 12: Advanced Macro Tasks

  • Copying a Macro from a Template
  • Assigning a Macro to a Keystroke
  • Assigning a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • About Macro Names
  • Review Questions

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