Meeting Management


All employees who regularly lead or attend meetings


  • Consider whether a meeting is always the best means of communication
  • Provide focus for meetings through the use of objectives and agendas
  • Chair and control meetings to ensure they are effective
  • Ensure that agreed actions are assigned and recorded and learn how to close meetings effectively, and
  • Participate effectively in meetings.


Meetings are notorious time wasters in the eyes of many people. There is often some truth in this.  Meetings can eat into people’s time preventing them from being more productive.  This in turn indirectly results in a financial cost. Of course, it doesn’t have to be like this. Properly run meetings are an essential means of communication between two or more people.  They can save time, generate ideas, solve problems and increase motivation and productivity. This all means that we should be doing everything we can to ensure the success of the meetings we lead and or participate in. This course will cover:

  • Setting up a Meeting
  • To Meet Or Not?
  • The Purpose Of A Meeting
  • The Right Participants
  • Meeting Objective(s)
  • Agenda Essentials
  • Leading Meetings
  • Leading Meetings-Questionnaire
  • Chairing (Leading) A Meeting
  • Finishing On Time
  • Eight Rules For Chairing Meetings
  • Agree On Ground Rules
  • Minutes Of Meetings
  • Agree Actions And Close Meetings
  • Dealing With Meeting Personalities
  • Meeting Role Play
  • Participating In Meetings
  • How To Interject In A Meeting
  • Useful Expressions In Meetings
  • Body Language In Meetings
  • Note-Taking
  • Writing Action Minutes
  • Role Play:
  • Preparing For A Meeting
  • Chairing A Meeting
  • Preparing And Distributing Action Minutes


  • Case Studies
  • Group Discussions
  • Group & Individual Exercise
  • Planning Activities
  • Presentations
  • Role Play
  • Self-Assessments
  • Assignments
  • Action Plan


  • Date:

  • 14-December-2022 » 15-December-2022
  • Location:

  • Dubai

  • Investment:

  • US$ 697.5 930

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