2nd Annual VAT in UAE Conference

With arguably the best line-up of speakers in more than a ‘quarter of a century’ history of the conference, the 2nd Annual VAT in UAE Conference is one you’ll want to attend. You’ll benefit from the continuing education by attending and the valuable information received on major VAT/ Tax issues.


Attend the 2nd Annual VAT in UAE Conference and join the 5,700 Corporate Tax Directors, CFOs and Professionals who have already benefitted!


SMART Management has the pleasure to invite you to its 2nd Annual VAT in UAE. The conference is organized as a two day event meant to provide an update on the UAE VAT/TAX regulations which impact on January 1, 2018. There will also be presented the latest developments in the UAE Market and the latest changes of the VAT regulations. In the second part of the day, the event shall also touch upon the key changes of accounting regulations brought to the companies.


In general, a competitive tax structure rests upon sound principles. Simplicity allows taxpayers to easily understand and comply with the rules. Transparency enables taxpayers to forecast their total tax liability. Stability provides consistency and predictability, which encourages entrepreneurship and economic growth by allowing taxpayers, and government, to plan for the future. Fairness and neutrality ensure that the tax code treats similar taxpayers similarly. Competitiveness creates an environment in which individuals and businesses seek to locate and expand in UAE.


Our Annual VAT in UAE Conference has been specially designed for people who require an in depth knowledge of current topical issues. Speakers will look at recent key changes together with other current issues and enable those attending to get the best possible advice.


These conferences provide the opportunity to keep up to date with developments which impact on all aspects of indirect taxation. These speakers will provide high level presentations particularly appropriate for all professionals in practice, commerce, government departments, legal and accounting.


WHEN | 19th & 20th November 9:00am (registration at 8:30am)



PRICE $200 per person


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- E-mail: info@smart-trainingdxb.com

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